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Energy systems analysis, development and reporting:
  System design and structure;
  Incentivisation of the best investment;
  The trilemma: affordability, security, environmental friendliness;
  Renewable, distributed and fossil generation, storage, demand side response, interconnection, transmission and distribution; and
  Integrating the various technologies.

Helping you identify, target and develop:
  New products;
  New services;
  New markets;
  New customers; and
  New business units.

Support in:
 ► Innovating and developing practical applications;
 ► Taking innovations to market, or to new markets;
  Developing and implementing company and marketing strategy;
 ► Identifying technical solutions and improvements;
 ► Reviewing and refining management systems and techniques;
  Streamlining and transforming processes and workflow; and
  Improving operational and administrative efficiency.

Other Support:
 ► Due diligence (commercial, marketing, manufacturing, operations etc.);
 ► Private funding support – access to VCs, business case development etc.;
 ► Public funding support – funding identification and applications.

Business Lift

Business Lift can help with all this. With over 25 years’ experience catalysing and implementing change in manufacturing and service industries in most technologies, we support companies looking both internally and externally to transform their business.

Please contact Mark for a free consultation as to how best we can help.

Accredited mentor with the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs

Until the schemes were closed, formerly an approved Growth Accelerator coach and a registered consultant for the Manufacturing Advisory Service.